Instagram as a Marketing Platform

instagram as a digital marketing tool

Instagram as a Marketing tool

As the usage of social media forums has sky rocketed from quite some time, marketing strategies have thoroughly evolved. The marketing industry has focused its attention to social apps to reach out to the audience. But, people are perplexed because of many options available.

Do you want to know the best digital marketing platform in 2020? If yes, then you are in the right place. Instagram, being the most used app of 2020, is thought to be the best marketing platform of recent times. If you handle the social media of a large company, a small enterprise, or you’re using it to support your own personal brand, integrating Instagram into your marketing campaign is a must! You might be wondering what makes it versatile among all other social media forums. Do you need to study Instagram as a marketing tool pdf to use it? No this blog explains all. Here are a few intriguing reasons for Instagram being the best of all.

Highest engagement rate: Instagram as a Marketing Tool for Luxury Brands

instagram as a marketing tool research paper

According to recent surveys, Instagram is the most popular app of 2020. It has 1 billion active users per month and the number is increasing day by day. That means you can reach out to one billion people monthly. Apart from that, it has the most eminent engagement rate as compared to other social media forums. On top of that, a research suggests that the ad recall rates of Instagram are thrice the other competitive platforms. Instagram as a marketing tool for luxury brands is no doubt head and shoulders above all.


using instagram as a marketing tool

The audience’s love for photos is never ending, that’s what makes photos the most engaging content over internet. Additionally, the response rate of the content that includes photos is 650% higher than the textual content. As speaking of Instagram, the craze of qualitative photos is on its peak which makes this app more popular among younger generations

As they say,” single photo is better than thousand words”. With that being said, we can easily extract that visual are simple and attractive which can help you to make customers curious about your brand. Sounds compelling? IT ACTUALLY IS!! It helps to put together marketing data easily which means Instagram as a marketing tool research papers is the best.

Targets the right audience

benefits of using instagram as a marketing tool

When it comes to using Instagram as a marketing tool, What’s better than reaching out to more people for your brand? Reaching out to the right audience. Instagram too target the correct audience for your ad as other few social media apps but what’s special is that Instagram utilizes most effective targeting skills and overshadows other apps.

Now the question arises, why it’s essential to target the audience?  Let’s say you are paying Instagram for your ads then with the probability of your profit increases with each right person your ad reaches to.

Interlinked with Facebook

instagram as a marketing tool for luxury brands

You may be already be aware of that fact that Instagram also belongs to Facebook then, why not using it for better marketing. One of the benefits of using Instagram as a marketing tool is that, you can easily expand your reach by linking it to Facebook. This can be beneficial for enhancement of the engagement rate. So next time you are using Instagram, make sure to link it Facebook and enjoy better reach.

Mobile friendliness:

how instagram can be used as a tool in social networking marketing

Instagram is a mobile app, and there can be no doubt in your mind that 80 percent of social media browsing actually happens on mobile devices to create a profile on this platform. Instagram can be used as a web page by users, but they can only share images from their mobile devices. Seems like a drawback right? Let’s find out if it really is.

Smartphone is the device which people have with them all the time, because of its compactness and ease of use. As a result, 80% of online shopping, reviewing and comparison are done using mobiles. Hence proved, it was a Smart move Instagram!! Instagram as a digital marketing tool is surely going to increase your brand awareness and sales when applied correctly.


The power of stories

Instagram stories as a marketing tool

The representation of your products and services is quite good but nowadays people are also interested on the other side of the story. Remember the BTS videos of songs and movies? This is basically the most effective way of gaining the customer’s attention and trust. Instagram stories can be used to show people the back story of your organization, the people working with you, your specialties, transparency and whole lot more. And guess what? Stories generally are the key factor to connect to your audience emotionally. Share your experiences with your people and gain more followers. Use Instagram stories as a marketing tool for further penetrating your audience.

Influencer’s spell

Instagram as social media influencers

The magic spell of influencer’s is definitely not something which you are unaware about, it’s pretty helpful when it comes to marketing and brand recognition.

Let’s say you are new into something and you need help to get your brand recognized by more people. Instagram gives you the solution by reach out to influencers; they will promote your brand on their profiles. And here your brand is known by thousands of their followers in a second.  Additionally, the influence’s review is something people really value, thus an influencer giving you a good feedback can boost your image positively.

The war of hash tags

Instagram hashtags for marketing

Apart from good captions and photos, hash tags are life savers for in getting better reach. By using correct and useful hash tags, you can not only reach to the maximum number of people but you posts can go viral all over the globe. And I am positive there are surely hundreds of more reasons to choose Instagram for marketing over any other site

Instagram continuously keeps updating its feature and services which will help you to grow easily. Some recent feature includes IGTVs and Reels which enables users to post lengthy videos, on which followers can like comment just as a post.

Keeping all this in mind, Instagram certainly wins the battle of best platform of marketing. This is how Instagram can be used as a social networking marketing tool.


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