Amazon Merch and all you need to know

Amazon Merch – All you need to know!


Are you planning to start your very own business? Is the thought of investment and marketing disturbing you? Then here is presenting the Amazon Merch, the most trending platform for increasing the revenue of your product launched. Amazon is the world’s leading online shopping portal that is known internationally. Almost every 9 out of 10 people use Amazon for their ease as it ships your products at your doorstep. Therefore, many needy individuals who want to sell their products or articles use Amazon Merch for earning.

What is Amazon Merch?

Merch by Amazon is a platform where Amazon sells your artwork or designed products. It reaches millions of customers without any investment. It is a simple and easy method exclusively originated for those who have no funds for investment but still want their products to be sold. The best part is Amazon merch delivers the article at the customer’s door and will not charge you even a single penny. All you need to do is just follow the steps below:

#1 Uploading Your Artwork

Just create and upload your artwork. For example, if you are planning to sell a T-shirt, then all you need to do is choose a product type that lies in the category of apparel. Select a color and design that fits best.

#2 Product Description

Here is where your article’s foundation is based on. Write a brief yet short product description which can enlist the entire features of the item.

#3 Creating A Product Page

This is Merch’s job. It will create a page on amazon and you don’t have to do anything.

#4 Setting the Price List

You can decide and set the price of the product based on its quality. It is ideal to avoid setting extremely high prices in the beginning. Once you have started getting customers you are always welcome to increase the cost. The increment of the price depends on how rapidly the products are sold.

#5 Dispatch and Shipping

This again falls under the domain of Merch Amazon. They will ship the product right to the customer’s address within 3-4 days period depending upon the area.


How to make money by Amazon Merch? 

The steps don’t just end after shipping. For every product sold you will earn a royalty point. It is just like a profit earned. The basic method to achieve the royalties is first to set a goal in the mind. Royalty is based on the list price that you have selected minus the cost of Amazon of raw materials, it’s printing, completing the customer service, and shipping charges. This how you earn profit via the Amazon Merch program.


Why selling on Merch by Amazon is a good idea?

Amazon is the fastest-selling and well-known website about whom every individual has sound knowledge about. Nearly half of the world’s population knows that Amazon is a running website where everything is available at just a click! Or you can say Easier said than done.

If you have chosen to sell T-shirts, for example, there are very high chances that they will be sold in no time.


What sort of T-shirts sells well on Merch?

If you are anxious about selling your T-Shirts know that clothes and apparel are always sold according to the season. If the climate depicts winters then, full sleeves T-shirts of a warmer fabric would be in. A touch of hoodie can be cherry on top!

As for summers, T-shirts with half sleeves would go best. Certain vivid colors such as brown, blue, yellow, and red can be perfect.  If you follow this strategy before creating your product for sale on Merch Amazon, you are sure to earn those bucks you have been longing for.


How to design T-shirts that sell on Amazon?

If you have decided to add a catchy design to your T-shirts then the points you should consider are:

  • A 300 -350 DPI resolution in a PNG format file
  • The area to be printed should lie within the 15’’ by 18’’ dimension
  • Products printed in CMYK appear better
  • The file chosen to print should be less than or equal to 25Mb
  • Software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop allow you to create templates at home for trying the designs

How to get Merch T-shirts design ideas?

Still, confused about design ideas for T-shirts? It depends on the age and gender of the wearer. The designs that are commonly in are those that have catchy quotes, some TV characters such as transformers, hulk, avengers, etc. Girls mostly get attracted to T-shirts which are decorated with flowers and those associated with nature. Pet lovers would surely opt for T-shirts which have templates of animals on them. Jokes and memes are the most trending designs these days. Your products will be sold at the verge of height if you add a touch of sports to it. Basketball, hockey, and baseball templated T-shirts are very eye-catching for athletes and sportspersons.

How to keep fraud and scam at bay?

Online selling and buying both involve high risk as you haven’t seen the buyer or seller in person. There might be some websites that are fake and would ask for your online registration and processing fee before selling your product. Later on, they will vanish off and the pages they created will be either blocked or will be out of order.

Merch Amazon is a fully registered, authentic, and trustable approach for those seeking to sell off their goods. They will never ask for the initial payment or investment and will deliver your product at their responsibility.

How to get Accepted by Amazon Merch?

To get accepted by Amazon Merch, you need to have the following checklist fixed!

  • Establish your selling potential- Amazon would want you to make sales in the future!
  • A high-quality website that showcases your abilities can be helpful.
  • The Letter you write to Amazon is everything. Write a to-the-point letter just pertaining to your abilities to design and sale the t-shirts.
  • Provide additional information to prove how serious you are for your business.

Every business startup or venture demands struggle and ample time to reach the level of profit. However, Merch by Amazon is an easy pathway for those who have been struggling for a very long time. This guide exclusively clears all the queries you can come across while you will be taking Merch by Amazon into consideration. Just bring on all those T-shirts you designed, upload them on Amazon, and see their sale raging!

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