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First things first before they order on Amazon, the customers must be able to find the items. You will do this by inserting keywords in the search bar which can then be compared with your product details, including your title and description. You are ready to proceed if your keywords fit the question of the user.

You will maximize the discovery and sales of your goods by adopting these Amazon Optimization Guidelines.

Product title

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For Amazon listing efficiency, your product description is important, but also for catching the interest of shoppers and improving your select performance. The product title of the Amazon has a limit of 200 characters (including spaces) depending on your type, but for three reasons it is easier to reduce it to 60 to 80 characters.

A analysis of more than 3,000 highest-ranking Amazon listings showed that 33% of the top listings fell in the sweet spot.

It is recommended by Amazon Vendor Central instructions, because they know what they are doing.

Amazon truncates names to items that surpass 112 characters every term in your product name is discoverable, and for your listing optimization, it carries the most weight. A dress shirt named Michael Keenan Slim Fit Design Men’s Dress Shirt Non-Iron Herringbone (Aqua)” is for example, a more effective product name than “Aqua Dress Shirt.” This is because the following detail is included:

Brand: Michael Keenan’s brand:

Panel of products: Slim Suit

Type of product: Dress Shirt for Men

The use of all this detail in the title of the product is something that NITAGUT, an appliance maker, uses as 28% of US buyers browse for garments on Amazon. Note how they lead in their product names with the company name and “Men’s Fashion Informal.”

Product image

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Once you have found a shopper by browsing, you want to excite them on your product info page with a convincing bid. Amazon makes up to nine images with a width of 1,000 pixels and a height of 500 pixels, plus a lead shot. Include as many high quality imagery as possible to help consumers appreciate and encourage them to purchase your product.

A survey by Skubana found that between five and eight photos were shown for consumers by the top 62 percent of Amazon pages, which further underscores the value of many high-quality visuals.

Make sure you take a clear picture of your Amazon product:

  • Your pictures should correlate in dimension, color etc. in the product summary.
  • The substance must be recognizable, centered and illuminated.
  • Your images are taken in favorable terms which emphasize the main features of the product.
  • At least 85% of the picture region must be filled by the product.
  • Your background for the product must be transparent¬† (preferably plain white)

Take the list of the Furbo Dog Camera. The manufacturer provides separate photographs illustrating the distinctive characteristics of the product, all from an infographic of product specs.

Bullet points

Amazon Bullet Points Tips & Templates

For shoppers who skim your website and want details quickly, bullet points are helpful. They are informative text that concisely illustrates the advantages of your product on your Amazon product description page

For 80 percent of sellers on Amazon, five is the magic figure, according to the Skubana report. But what detail do you use in the bullet points of your listings?

Start by brainstorming what a consumer could do for your product if you don’t have a separate package of advantages with your product yet. Bear in mind the characteristics say, rewards offer. What’s the dilemma it solves?

For example, if one of the features of your urban BBQ grill is a sleek, two-burner grill for small spaces, “you might articulate the advantage as “big enough to grill burgers for the whole family, but it fits anywhere so compact.”

As a best practice to enhance readability, keep the bullet points simple, concise, and under 1,000 characters in length. If the bullet points are indexed by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, being under 1,000 characters also increases their discoverability.

Bear in mind that their main objective is to help shoppers make a decision, so keep the packing to a minimum, while you choose to put keywords in your bullet points.

Product Description

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On the bullet points, your product summary extends. It’s where you can hear more about your goods from prospective buyers, and it gives an extra push to purchase.

The Skubana analysis revealed that 51 percent of the top-ranked Amazon listings used about 400 characters, but there is no real consensus among retailers on the best character count for your Amazon product summary.

For longer product descriptions, the analysis also showed a rule of diminishing returns: the longer the definition, the less successful it was. However, considering that almost 31 percent of the top listings had over 1,100 character definitions, it is prudent to keep your count below 400 or over 1,100.


9 Tips to Boost Your Amazon SEO and Keyword Research

Your Amazon SEO attempts can be rendered or ruined by the correct keywords. Nearly 70 percent of Amazon customers never quit the first search results tab, and 64 percent of all clicks are taken from the first three listings. You’d like to get to page one.

To adapt the search words of a buyer to your product page, Amazon uses the details you have. This is why it is important to use high-volume keywords to draw consumers who are searching for your product form.

But to maximize your Amazon listing, how can you choose the right keywords? Uh, quick! You can discover unique search keywords relevant to your product to be used in your product description list by using an Amazon keyword tool like Merchant Words.

Say that in your shop, you sell earplugs. If you type “earplugs” into Merchant Words, a vast list of alternative search phrases that you might scatter in the listing will be uncovered.

You will browse all short-tail and long-tail keyword combinations that are indexed to the product description listing in Amazon’s search engine to drive organic traffic.

Search Term Fields

How to Find the Best Amazon Keywords for Your Products

You want them to rank as many search words as possible to ensure customers can locate your Amazon products. One way to improve your Amazon page, as you’ve seen so far is by adding important keywords to your product title, bullet points, and product summary.

Using so-called “backend keywords,” aka, Amazon search names, is another way to refine the page effectively. Amazon search terms are keywords which you can add to the backend of your product page.

For sale online, consumer reviews are a must. Proven consumers’ favorable feedback will help quell buyer concerns about product quality, show the worth of the product, and persuade shoppers to purchase. It’s time to reflect on receiving better feedback for your goods after you’re finished optimizing your listings and adding photos (after all the good work you’ve put in, you definitely earn it!)

Product offering

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“Take time to step back and ask yourself when evaluating your Amazon listing, “What details would I need to purchase this product if I was a shopper? Sometimes we get so used to the object that we forget what information customers need to make a purchase decision.

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