8 Best Facebook WordPress Plugins

Facebook is one of the most widely sued social media platforms with billions of users. Ut is common that people use it to facilitate and promote their businesses. Therefore, it is essential that you find suitable WordPress plugins for your business promotion through users.

WordPress plugins for Facebook are a great way for business marketing

Facebook WordPress plugins provide a wide variety of benefits and each plugin is designed to serve a purpose. Some are used to encourage followers to share your content and some even provide the means to boost your SEO. Some of the Facebook WordPress plugins’ smart features are listed below:

  • It enables the user to provide customer service to users through plugins.
  • You can modify the content of posts and vary the size of your images, to make your page more attractive.
  • It is a great means to promote your business by letting customers know that they can view your Facebook business page any time.
  • The content of the business page can be revealed to the users, just to give a sneak peek of new product launches.
  • A few of these plugins even help to make your site more visually attractive.

Facebook has its own option where you can add small widgets to your WordPress website. It is very easy. You can go to your Facebook page and select the tabs you want, to be displayed on your widget. Further, you can adjust the widget’s height and width however you like. Moreover, the settings allow you to set or replace your cover photo and header, and if you like your friends to see.

Later, if you still are unable to find your personalized appearance and additional desired features from Facebook’s own integration, you can add more distinctive tools. Here we have a list of 8 best Facebook WordPress plugins that may help you cater your needs:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Messenger’s Live Chat with Customer
  3. Thumb Fixer for Social Media
  4. WP2Social Auto Publish
  5. Nextend Social Login and Register
  6. Simple Like Page Plugin
  7. Widget for Social Page Feeds
  8. WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

Yoast SEO

At first, if you hear about it, Yoast SEO does not sound like a WordPress Facebook plugin. But it surely offers some exciting new features that make your site content more appealing to the visitors. SEO organic traffic, in accordance with Yoast SEO helps attract more online traffic to your website from different social media platforms.

It offers the users with free trial version. Afterwards, when they experience improved search engine optimization on their WordPress plugins, they go for paid versions. Particularly, Yoast focuses on SEO and in this way, it helps online visitors find your Facebook content easily.

Later when you opt for the paid version, you find better features like social previews, so that you can view your content before posting online.

Yoast SEO – Topmost WordPress SEO plugin

Messenger’s Live Chat with Customer

This plugin lets you link your WordPress website with Facebook Live Chat. It is quite beneficial in terms of improving site traffic and bringing new customers every day. With Facebook being popular among billions of users, this plugin helps direct customers to your content. Also, you are provided an easy and quick way to share product data and add chat reviews.

It is developed by Zotabox, so this is the tool’s name. This plugin is somewhat costlier than other Facebook plugins, but it surely pays off well by providing amazing features. Also, it gives a free 14-day trial period before you move to the premium version.

Zotabox – Facebook Messenger Live Chat with Customers improves online traffic

Thumb Fixer for Social Media

This plugin helps you solve one of the major problems when it comes to sharing a post from WordPress to Facebook i.e. the thumbnail image distortion. This image either fails to appear on the page completely or is not of the right size and becomes distorted.

Using this plugin, provides you with an advantage as it ensures that the image you want, only that appears on your Facebook page from WordPress and you do not end up with a random image.

Additionally, this plugin is completely free to use. It is extremely simple to work with and understand. It supports various contents from your posts, homepage, and more.

Thumb Fixer – fixes thumbnail image issues

WP2Social Auto Publish

This plugin is one of must-haves. It makes your post publication automated by linking your blog posts to Facebook publication. Additionally, it is totally up to you which posts you wish to get published on Facebook and you can choose image or link to add.

Moreover, it features flexible templates and choices for posts, with software to adjust items including your Facebook post’s name and description. And, like most plugins this is also completely free.

WP2Social Auto Publish makes blog publication automated

Nextend Social Login

This plugin provides a place for new users to build accounts for their existing social accounts on your WordPress platform. Using the exact credentials, existing customers may even return to the site and login.

Certainly, Facebook is added to the list of other social media sites, where new users can directly sign up and quickly build a profile. Also, the existing users can easily sign in with “Login with Facebook” tab.

In this way, the number of online site visitors and subscriptions are increased greatly. it also provides the provision for both free and premium versions, and free version fulfils all the requirements of small business.

Nextend Social Login and Register facilitates users with quick and direct login links

Simple Like Page Plugin

Simple Like Page plugin is a very convenient plugin. It introduces a small unit to your website, like the Facebook business page. It has a very simplified interface. In this way, it becomes easier to gain customers as people can directly like the page without the need to directly visit the Facebook page.

Simple Like Page Plugin prompts users to follow your page

Widget for Social Page Feeds

Widget for social page feeds lets you display your Facebook feed on WordPress, with the help of a simple widget. Moreover, it lets you add buttons for liking and sharing the posts.

It has a simple box which holds all your new posts and it has settings from where you can hide or remove your posts and vary the header, width and even language.

Widget plugin lets you get your Facebook feed on website

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

Social Warfare involves gorgeous social media icons (such as Facebook) so you can help your fans share posts and act as a form of advertisement for your company. Additionally, it has widget set from where you can have customized themes and visuals.

Also, it supports numerous social networks including Twitter and  Facebook. It has a feature that offers protection for your content against hackers, etc. Along with that, it offers a free version which has Facebook, which you can later upgrade to get even more features.

Social Warfare – your ultimate social sharing WordPress arsenal


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