25 Money Saving Hacks for Moms

Between diapers, preschool, and snacks, kids are expensive. Regardless of expenditure level, the number of children, wages, or your marital status, you always want to save money. You can save in many different possible ways, it won’t hurt but eventually result in better decisions for the future if parents get to know more about different ways of saving throughout the whole year.  The next 25 hacks help you save money in the following areas: Groceries, Clothing, Kids Parties, Gifts, Toys, Holidays, and Other Activities. Wondering how to save money with second child or want to save money on childbirth? This blog will help you out with the tips and tricks on how to save money for a baby.

Cheapest ways to raise a baby


Generally, a single-family of America spends between one-hundred and forty-six $ to two-hundred and eighty-nine $ week. Start to save with the following hacks today and learn some of the cheapest ways to raise a baby:

1. Lookout for Deals:

Everyone knows that grocery could sometimes be very expensive and out of budget, and you need essential planning for that purpose if you seek some cut to the cost of grocery shopping. Do your research and discover the next week’s hot item on sale. Plan meals and use a recipe site if your creativity is lacking.

2. Generate Skill for Using Couponing Websites:

Couponing is an art form that consumes too much time, Using coupons from websites make it a lot easy. Now there is no need to go through magazines and newspapers and circular papers for coupons, what happens is that websites do that work for you, and the only thing you need to go through the databases. This is how you can save money.

3.  Try Groups for cooking:

If you have close relations with your neighbors, it is wise to form a group for cooking. For the other families in the village, each family cooks dinner a single weekday. You will then save on the purchase of cookery products in bulk for a few nights after your cooking.

4. Save by Ordering Online:

If you are really an impulse shopper, first of all, admit that you are one. It will be very wise of you to get the things delivered in advance and avoid going to the grocery stores. Undoubtedly, there is some cost to these services, but if you tend to buy out of impulses, it is totally worth it.


how to save money with second child

Do you also face a shortage of budget due to continuous birthday parties? If you try these hacks, your kids might never have to give up on any party. This is the cheapest way to save for a baby.

5. For Birthday Parties, Stock up Gifts in Advance:

Saving for kids birthdays

Each January there is a sale on toys, so you can buy a lot of in-budget gifts at this time of year. Save a flock and and care an addition to it whenever you see a good deal/sale. Specify $5 or $10 as your limit, for example. Once the inevitable invitation to the party comes, visit your stock instead of your store.

6. Throw Birthday Parties  Every Other Year:

Sing with the family and bake a cake. However, every year there is no need for a fantastic birthday party to invest a lot. Instead, we encourage our children to choose a family trip or a special event.

Another hack is to let your child choose just four or five mates, instead of inviting everyone you know.

7. Let your Kids Write the Birthday Cards:

Instead of paying a few dollars on gift cards, you should make your children build one. Children love handcrafted cards, and people love them. Furthermore, at the end of the year, your pocket appreciates the savings added.

8. No need to buy fancy Wrapping Papers:

When the season of holiday ends, purchase Christmas wrapping paper in discount. Select solid colors for wrapping papers you can use them during anniversaries and other holidays during the year.

9. No Need to Buy Gifts Yourselves, When Kids are Young:

I know it sounds unfair, but frankly, will the crowd of 4-and-under actually notice? Grandparents and friends get so many presents for our children that we generally hide a few of them for later. Cant afford baby stuff? Try this as it is one of the cheapest ways to have a  baby ad raise him/her.

Toys and Clothes:

Both the Clothes and Toys are essential and a necessity . Save money by buying clothing and having toys in the right place at the right time. Take the following tips into account when it comes to the cheapest ways to prepare for a baby:

10. Off-Season Shopping Always Helps:

Clothes are expensive. After the end of summer and by the time winter passes there is a huge sale on clothes, smart shoppers gauge children’s sizes and shop. Get used to doing that annually and the savings would be large.

11. Membership to Toy-Library:

Toy libraries is the best choice when you want to save on toys, they lend and rent toys to the families who don’t want to buy new ones. It is an excellent way to help your children learn something different — and it also teaches them responsibility. They learn the idea of borrowing as they care for the toys. Moreover, they discover a range of toys in very few bucks.

12. Purchase second-hand sports goods:

Your kids won’t notice, why purchase? why not borrow it? It’s going to get scratched up, anyway. This is one of the best tips to Parents on how to save costs when it comes to raising a child.

13. Embrace Consignment:

Today, exchanging children clothes has become a trend for lower middle-class moms world wide. There are many websites online where moms can get access very easily and swap the stuff. Shipping stores have taken the charge mostly these days and it’s worth it, because they provide a fine service.

14. Make Yourselves the Costumes for Halloween:

Who can afford to purchase new costumes for Halloween annually? Who needs to, better yet? I can imagine that I would prefer to invest our hard-earned money on around 1 trillion items over the five matching Power Ranger costumes.

15. Borrowing Things:

Why waste it on something even if you have the cash if your friend doesn’t have one she uses? From Tula’s and nursing chairs to church shoes and kid’s swings, everything can be borrowed. I learned that friends like it because it makes them know as they need it more. And when you borrow something from someone, the provider will be just too pleased to return his favor.


Planning a vacation normally has much to do with the cost. To save money or spend your vacation as far as you can on your next holiday, consider the following hacks:

16. Joining Home Swap:

You don’t need to worry about huge bills from hotels now, home swap is a perfect option if you are just a nature lover or visiting to embrace the cultural values of a certain place. There you will get a chance to live like a local person in that particular country. By doing so you are really going to experience something new and rich, and your money is going to go a long way. Home Exchange websites like you fit a suitable swap-family.

17. Traffic Travel Days must be Avoided:

You can definitely save by this easy hack. It’s better than flying on the weekend from Monday to Thursday, but the cheaper is Wednesdays. Plan your ride to the lowest fare from Wednesday to Wednesday.

18. Schedule Late or Early:

Early preparation has several advantages, for example, the first to book the lowest price. When you get the calendar for the next year, prepare your holidays for the next few days away. Try buying tickets on days when its not a holiday, but the day is off for school, actually in those days tickets are quite inexpensive due to teachers on duty. And you can always find cheap tickets on last minute reservations.

Daily Activities

It becomes really expensive to coup up with children’s growing need to participate in activities such as sports, library fees, tuitions if required, club fees. You can look up to the given hacks :

19. Arrange Play Dates

Why need to join “mom and me” classes when you can meet with other moms and babies in your own little parties. Use social media or try Playgroup Communicating with the area parents.

20. Help Each other in Babysitting by Joining co-ops:

Visit nearby community centers and churches, and offer your services for babysitting, and in this way when time comes others will help you for free. If nobody in your area is available, build one. There are also sites for connecting families including Babysitter Exchange.

Few Other Saving Hacks

How to save money on childbirth

you can save a lot with many different activities which won’t hurt, some of them are as follows:

21. Buy Frozen Pizza:

On the nights you are weary, one of the greatest killers of a big budget is ordering you to take over. Put the pizzas you buy, in the oven in the evenings when you don’t feel like cooking, and pick out some frozen pizzas (bonus points when you wait for sales). A pizza dinner for our family costs $10 compared to $40 for our order.

22. Milk and Water only for Kids:

I never purchased juice, and I never had a problem. It’s expensive, it hyper forms the baby, and we’re facing enough dental health problems. Keep your choice convenient.

23. Instead of once in a Month, Pay your Mortgage every Two-weeks:

This cuts the debt for five years with a 30-year fixed-rate loan. This is how it works: you end up making two extra fees a year when you pay precisely half your mortgage every 2 weeks. This ensures you pay directly to your principal twice a year.

Recently we bought a home and I changed this by calling our lender for 5 minutes. I may also select the days of payment.

24.  Audit all your utilities every other year:

can t afford baby stuff

A few years ago, I saved $474 a month by just doing this.

25. Join an insurance co-op, instead of health insurance:

If your plan provides a high, skimpy coverage as well as a high allowance, it would be a great choice. My husband runs a business of his own, and so it’s all about our family. And we pay $1,300 a month with a deductible of $6,800.  A great deal of money it is, that’s all!

A friend recently informed me about a $177 monthly insurance co-op with a premium of $10,000. You pay all out of pocket, but your monthly premium is reduced significantly.





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